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Welcome to the SoG's website

The Steampunks of Gloucestershire


The Steampunks of Gloucestershire (the SoG or SoGgies) were formed in 2016 as a local community group for Steampunks and Steampunk curious people in Gloucestershire.

We have been delighted to work with various groups around Gloucestershire and participate in several local events over the years.

In 2020 we paired up with the Folk of Gloucester to organise regular events at the Folk. These events are to raise money to preserve the Folk for the community. 100% of all profits go to saving and maintaining the building for the future.

Since 2020 we have raised over £15000 for the Folk, £1400 for St Mary de Crypt, and £2,500 for the Woodchester Mansion Trust.

All Steampunks of Gloucestershire events are family friendly, open to the public, and will always be FREE during the daytime events.

Other groups' event funding models are different, and that is their business, but we do this solely for free and to raise money for charities.

So far we have received no sponsorships, no subsidies and no grants.

We are not paid, and we take not a brass penny for ourselves, in fact, we often end up out of pocket.


Because we are Steampunks, we believe in Steampunk as an active inclusive community, and we believe no one should have to pay.