Well, I guessed one day it would come to it;


"All SoG and Folk events are FREE to attend during the day."

That's with or without a camera.

That means there is no set time slot for photographers.

Some photographers may be invited by the SoG as quasi-official photographers for the events; Nikki McCall, Gareth Jayne, Richard Say and Martin Adams, specifically. These will have access to ‘behind the scenes’ opportunities.

All other photographers are normal attendees.

ALL photographers are required to follow these simple rules;

1, Participate, be part of the event, not observers.

2, Be polite and check if people are okay with you taking their pictures. If people are avoiding your camera like the plague, don't snap them. The very best pics - like the one of Marcus J. Brookes, (above) The Santa in Green, the Spirit of Christmases to Come. Photo by Mark Halling. - are often candid snaps taken at opportune moments during our events. Please ask, wave, or catch their eye, because sometimes even the most fabulously dressed of us, just want to sit quietly, and have a cup of tea. Remember no thank you, means, NO.

3, Do not take pictures of Coglings or other children attending the events without the parent’s/guardian’s express permission. You must not post or publish images of Coglings or other children attending the events without  specific permission from a parent or guardian.

4, Within the aforementioned rules; Post and share your pics on our Facebook Page, so that people can tag them.

5, Be willing to email copies of your pics to the subjects who posed for FREE if they ask for them. Photographers who intend to charge the subjects who pose for them are not welcome, unless they make that explicitly clear before taking the pictures. This does not apply to Trader Photographers, such as Dark Box, etc.

6, Be polite, be kind and be splendid in all things at all times.

If you have problems or there is an issue regarding photography or photographer’s behaviour, please bring it to our attention, or the venue staff's attention, immediately.

Failure to follow our rules will mean you will be told to leave the location, banned from the group, and refused entry to further events.

Misuse of images, such as claiming others work, or not gaining the subject’s permission to use the image for public/publication purposes, may result in further action.