Miniature Cheese Rolling

Mini Cheese Rolling celebrates the age old Gloucestonian tradition of  chasing a rolling cheese down Cooper's Hill. 

However due to restricted space, lack of steep hills and insurance requirements Mini Cheese Rolling was invented by the mad genius of John Bassett, actor and raconteur, and John Putley of Gloucestershire Archives.

The Steampunks of Gloucestershire Mini Cheese rolling rules;

The Contestants have one Mini Cheese, usually a Baby Bell, and it is then rolled down a mini version of Cooper's Hill.

Each contestant gets three rolls.

The cheese may be rolled  'clothed' with wrapper on, or 'naked' with only the Red Wax surface.  The cheese cannot be rewrapped.

The Cheese must be placed at the top of the slope, it must touch the edge, and released, not dropped or pushed. Pushing or dropping the cheese will result in a miss roll being declared by the Umpire.

If the roll fails to clear the first line it is a miss roll and the Contestant may re-roll.

Due to the distances usually achieved the roll is measured from the second red and white line.

Distances are measured and declared by the Assistant Umpire in feet and inches.

Contestants are reminded NOT eat your cheese until the top scoring Contestants have been declared, as Roll Off Contestants must use their original cheese or be disqualified.

With One Heat; The top Three scoring Contestants will be recalled to the Roll Off.

With Two Heats; The top Five Contestants will be recalled to the Roll Off.

The Returning Contestants must use their original cheese. Each Roll Off Contestant rolls three times. 

The Contestant whose cheese rolls the furthest is the winner -

Current record is 2o ft 3 inches.

Prizes will be awarded by the Umpire.

Umpire's decision is final.


The Christmas Variant; baby bells are substituted for Ferrero Rocher in woolly Christmas pudding costumes, or mini Christmas Puds. 

Due to the puddings lack of aerodynamic form the roll is usually measured from the first line.

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