The Steampunk Community Book Shop


The Steampunk Bookshop, is a community bookshop that has been created as a place for Steampunk Authors to publicise their work. A place for Steampunks to post reviews, and a place for interaction between Steampunks and Authors.

If you are a Steampunk looking for something to read or an author looking for an audience, this is your bookshop.

Only the named author of a piece can post up books, articles, reviews etc. That means you cannot advertise someone else’s book or post someone else’s review (unless it is of your work). It has to be your own work. Of course you can review someone else’s work.

THE RULES of  BEING SPLENDID. This includes any book or article that is not relevant, is impolite, crude, rude or vile, sexist, racist or just rubbish. Bad language or personal attacks will result in immediate banning. The Admins will remove anything we feel is not relevant or in keeping with this policy. You may get a "kind request" to remove or change a post, that will last about an hour or so before we take it down.

Spam will be instantly removed and you will be banned.

AUTHORS, you may advertise or refresh details of your book, links, etc but only once per week. Use the thread to add anything or create discussions about your work. Use this space to get to know your readers.

REVIEWERS, keep within the guidelines laid out under Being Splendid. Sharp wit is okay, being impolite or rude is not. AUTHORS may request a review deleted only if it breaks the rules.

SERVICES; posts advertising vanity Publishing will be removed. Posts for Beta Reading, Editing, or real Publishers/Agents open to accept submissions will be allowed.

General discussions on Steampunk themes is welcome and encouraged.

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