Trinket Trading

We encourage Trinket Trading at our events, use your usual trinket trading badges (file below for easy access) or create one using  our steampunk trading trinket logo featured here.

Trinkets should only be traded for other trinkets (or acts of kindness ect), no money should change hands (unless it's mystical coins from other worlds or chocolate doubloons). 

Steampunk Trinket Trading Logo, Cog instead of diamond. A purple background with a golden cog and two archery arrows showing a circular motion around the cog

What Can I trade?

Small things! Trinkets can be handmade, foraged, shop bought or gathered from around the workshop. There's no hard and fast rule, but generally people trade small treasures and momentous. Here are a few ideas:

Handmade: Bracelets, keyrings, badges, origami, potion or spell bottles, hanging tree charms, pipe cleaner flowers, crochet creatures, painted rocks, short lengths of chainmail

Printed: tiny photo frames, stickers, membership cards to made up organisations, spells, treasure maps, short stories, postcards

3D printed: small critters, cogs, gears, logos, tiny wepons, tiny monsters

Foraged: Flowers, Herbs

Found/Purchased: Keys, charms, cogs, cool rocks, gems, shiny math rocks (dice), incense

A selection of trinkets, including a dragon phone holder, a small wand, a bear on the end of beads, a snail on a badge pin, a music  box, a tiny ducky with a card that says you are a wonderful ducky, gnome braclet, leaf keyrings, a purple lavender pouch w

What Shouldn't I trdae?

High Value Items (unless of course you want rid)


Big Bulky Items


Trinket Trading Logo, A golden Diamond ouline surrounded by two archery arrows bent to create a circle similar to the recycling logo