Steamcycle - The Steampunks Swap Shop

Welcome, Brother and Sister Steamers. ! Steamcycle is for Steamers to swap stuff, from simple swaps of items, giving things away, to trading skills, ideas or finding someone to help with a project. It is for Steamers to indulge their generosity and kindness to each other in the spirit of community and fraternity.

No MONEY is to be involved other than agreed P&P. NO advertising post will be accepted (unless for registered Charity organisations).This Group is for Steampunks to swap with or give away things to other Steampunks. There must be NO MONEY involved - cost of postage etc is borne by the person sending the item. Please post that the item is under offer/taken and remove the post after 48 hours once the swap is completed.

Postage cost may be negotiated between traders/swappers after the swap is agreed upon. Advertising 'postage costs' is basically selling, which is against the group rules. This applies to all members and all posts, except certain previously agreed upon charity sales.

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