Boxing the Foxx

Next Boxing the Fox Date 10th December 2023 as part of our Christmas Revels

What is Boxing the Foxx about? The Unspeakable in pursuit of the Uneatable.

2pm on Sunday 10th Dec. Setting off from outside St Micheal's Tower. It’s our comic parody of the Boxing Day Hunt. Bring your Hobby Horses, Broom sticks, mops, whatever.

The Rules.

One of our members Josiah Joseph Robinson, dressed as a very urbane Mr Foxx will be wandering around the town avoiding a bunch of Steampunks on hobbyhorses. He will be enlisting kids and adults in misdirecting and obstructing the pursuers. The Foxx, and any Sabatours, will have a Five-minute head start.

Bring your hobby horses, bugles and your sense of fun. No scooters unless fully dressed.

Pursuers must stay together and young pursuers under 18, must stay with an adult.

Marcus Brookes will, hopefully, be leading the pursuit.


The idea is to poke fun at the whole sick-minded bunch who fox hunt, and by getting kids and families to misdirect and obstruct the ‘hunters’ we are hoping to get a subtler message across.

I guess because we come from the age of Mel Brooks’ original Producers and Blazing Saddles films, I appreciate the power of parody and ridicule. Personally, anything that holds up those sick-minded people who are involved in fox hunting to lampoon and derision is okay by me.



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