Short Version of
the Rules of Teapot Racing

Teapot racing is a race for remote-controlled vehicles in the form of a teapot. The race is carried out against the clock, over an obstacle course.


Racers are typically made by attaching a teapot to a radio-controlled car. The definition of 'teapot' is broad: it can be a real teapot, a toy teapot, or something that looks like a teapot. It can be decorated or plain.

Racers should fit into a box 12" × 12" × 18" long, or else they won't fit through the obstacles.


Racers race individually, against the clock. The course is different for each event. Racers start at one point, finish at another and must pass some middle point for it to be a valid run.

Along the course are various obstacles: bridges, gateways, arches, ramps. Racers should drive through them without demolishing the obstacle – but bumping into it is alright. Some obstacles, like bridges, have entry and exit points and so falling off the side doesn't count as a proper attempt.

The run is over when most of the teapot has crossed the finish line.

Drivers may choose to skip any obstacle if they think their teapot won't be able to complete it, but there's a large time penalty for that.


Scoring is done by adding penalty times to the total time. These times may vary for each event but will be something like:
10 seconds – Knocking over an obstacle, or driving off the side of it before the exit
20 seconds – Recovering a teapot which has crashed, stuck or turned over
30 seconds – Skipping an obstacle

Rules are subject to complete change at the whim of the event judge!

Afterwards, medals are awarded. These are for the best times, also the best teapot and anything else that catches the judge's eye.


  • Control and steering wins over speed

  • Practice beforehand!

  • Remember to bring your racer, your controller, your batteries and to have the batteries charged beforehand.