The Flying Corps of the Steampunk Rocketeers

The Flying Corps of Steampunk Rocketeers is a not very ancient and totally disreputable league of flying Steampunks. Our aim is...I have no idea what our aim is... Oh we can share ideas for building and world domination and stuff....

My Lords, Ladies, Gentleman, vagabonds, urchins and nare-do-well.

Do you long for a sense of adventure and belonging. Do you feel the need, the need for occasional speed, (honestly, I fell down the stairs once....much zoomies). Then come join the Flying Corps.

Come one, come all, come freely.... Just come along now.

((Please note: whilst there is the potential for there to be an Air Marshals baton in every pilots backpack, that's because I've put it down again. Please let a chap have it back of you find it.... There's a dear.))


What could possibly go wrong?


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