Yule Log Relay Racing

This year the Steampunks of Gloucestershire will be reinstating an ancient and noble Christmas tradition that we have recently invented; The Yule Log Relay Race.


The Rules.

Teams of 2 brave contestants. The object is to balance your mini Yule log on a cake slice and complete one complete course circuit as the Umpire prescribes.

You then have to pass it over to your team member’s slice without touching the log with your figures, other appurtenances, or unmentionable parts of your anatomy.

Your teammate must then complete one circuit of the course.

There will be obstacles and required actions – at the choice of the Umpires.

These may include; hoping on one leg, doffing your hat to the Vicar, bowing to her majesty, climbing over obstacles and other absurdities.

Whichever team completes the relay fastest wins.

If you drop your Yule Log, you must return to the beginning of your stage.

Umpire’s decision is final.