Mediaeval Style Christmas Revels and Yuletide Markets

And Evening Shenanigans 



December 2024

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Two days of Yuletide Festive Jollities, across three venues, two huge markets, including our Traditional Christmas Parade through the city, Boxing the Foxx Hunt, music, entertainment, Tea Duelling, Tea Pot Racing, Christmas Pud Rolling, Yule Log Relay Race, and all sorts of shenanigans.

Warm Up Shindig

A little get-together for all our Christmas Traders, Performers and Volunteers

Friday   TBA   at the Folk.

As Santa says; Let's get this party started!!!!

All SoG members welcome.

A little get-together for all our Christmas Traders, Performers and Volunteers.  As Santa says; Let's get this party started!!!!

All SoG members welcome.

Program and itinerary of events.

(subject to change)

Saturday TBA December

10am - 5pm

Christmas Revels. . Program and itinerary of events.

 Christmas Revels Traditional Saunter 

time to be announced

through Gloucester city centre.

The Saunter!

Gather from TBA at the bottom of the Westgate pedestrian area opposite the Old Crown Pub, just up from the front of The Folk. 1pm set off. Saunter up Westgate Street. to St Micheal's Tower at the Cross. Dancing and Merriment - Morris Dancing and A speech of welcome by the Lord of Misrule. And the Trial of the Cask. Saunter down South Gate St, towards St Mary de Crypt.  Arrive St Mary de Crypt. The Stroud wassailers will knock on the door and the door will be opened by Mr Scrooge. Singing and the traditional wassail led by the Lord of Misrule will take place.

Set off down South Gate Street, to the CD rack. Morris dancing and malarky. The Lord of Misrule will dismiss the saunter. Return to the Folk and St Mary's. At no point will we be crossing the crossing and going down to the the quay's Winter Market to dance and sing - definitely not.

Below is a list of some of the characters we want to include in the parade (and lots of Krampuses). If you’d like to adopt any of these personas, please let us know. Otherwise, we would just love you to put on your best and join in on the parade.

We are open to suggestions of other characters.

We would like to include;

· The Lord of The Revels, Lord of Misrule 

· and his Band of Lusty Guts (the Wassailers).

· St. Nicholas Bishop of Myra, Sinterklaas

· Father Christmas– Traditional Santa in Green (Marcus J. Brookes)

· Modern Santa –

· Mamãe Noel (Mrs Claus) 

· The Child Bishop. 

· The Nutcracker - 
The Mouse King -

· Gloucester Krampuses. 

· Père Fouettard-

· Belsnickel -

· Knecht Ruprecht-

· Frau Berta -

· The Perchten.

· Schnabelperchten (Bird Beaked Pechten) - 

· Christmas Elves -

· Julbocken. The Yule Goat -

· The Snow Maiden – 

· Jack Frost -Old Man Winter-

· The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future -

and the Ghosts
Ebenezer Scrooge - 

· Befana, The Christmas Witch –

· Gryla, The Christmas Troll-

· The Lutins, Christmas Hobgoblins -

· El Caganer - 

We are hoping to have a band or two of Morris dancers and musicians, there will also the Gloucester Great Broad (Alvin) and Mari Lwyds. Together we will saunter, shimmy and dance through the town. Come along and make some noise!

Remember we can have more than one of each. If you fancy being one of these personas, or would like further info on them, or have suggestions for other characters, message me.

An Evening of Mirth and Merriment

Date TBA

There are more acts to be announced, it's going to be a hell of a party.

Tickets are £XX for the evening with 5  headline acts.

The full line up;




Compere for  the evening is


Evening performance times


At St Mary De Crypt Church

Southgate St, Glos.

Café and Bar Available


 The Gloucestershire Geek Society will be joining us again in 2024 holding an Open Event, classic tabletop, console and arcade games open to all comers. £1 donation per game, all money goes to St Mary de Crypt and the Stroke Association. More info soon.

The World's First Steampunk Christmas Service

In Celebration of Inclusiveness, Diversity and Acceptance. 

Date and time


The Yule Log Obstacle Relay Race.

The Rules.

Teams of 2 brave contestants. The object is to balance your mini Yule log on a cake slice and complete one complete course circuit as the Umpire prescribes.

You then have to pass it over to your team member’s slice without touching the log with your figures, other appurtenances, or unmentionable parts of your anatomy.

Your teammate must then complete one circuit of the course.

There will be obstacles and required actions – at the choice of the Umpires.

These may include; hoping on one leg, doffing your hat to the Vicar, bowing to her majesty, climbing over obstacles and other absurdities.

Whichever team completes the relay fastest wins.

If you drop your Yule Log, you must return to the beginning of your stage.

Umpire’s decision is final.

Goblin Market,

Bring, buy, donate, stall up stairs in the Folk. TBA  Basically a wyrd Stuff Bring and Buy...

Profits divided between the Folk and the SOG.

The SoG donations will pay for our application to become a CIC. 

Boxing the Foxx

Bring your Hobby Horses, mounts, broomsticks, whatever!! 2pm on Sunday 10th Dec. Setting off from outside St Micheal's Tower.

It’s our comic parody of the Boxing Day Hunt. The Unspeakable in pursuit of the Uneatable.

The Rules.

One of our members Josiah Joseph Robinson, dressed as a very urbane Mr Foxx will be wandering around the town avoiding a bunch of Steampunks on hobbyhorses.

He will be enlisting kids and adults in misdirecting and obstructing the pursuers.

The Foxx, and any Sabatours, will have a Five-minute head start.

Bring your hobby horses, bugles and your sense of fun.

Pursuers must stay together and young pursuers under 18, must stay with an adult.

Marcus Brookes will, hopefully, be leading the pursuit.


The idea is to poke fun at the whole sick-minded bunch who fox hunt, and by getting kids and families to misdirect and obstruct the ‘hunters’ we are hoping to get a subtler message across.

I guess because we come from the age of Mel Brooks’ original Producers and Blazing Saddles films, I appreciate the power of parody and ridicule. Personally, anything that holds up those sick-minded people who are involved in fox hunting to lampoon and derision is okay by me.