The SoG's Official Cog Rating.

If you have an event, day out, something you have been to, or a book, film etc., not your own, and would like to show your appreciation.

You can give it an SoG Cog Rating;

    o. Don't touch it.

  1. Nahhh... Don't bother.

  2. Not worth the time or money.

  3. Of little interest.

  4. Okay 'ish,' some small gems.

  5. Average to okay.

  6. Enjoyable with some good bits.

  7. I liked it. Nice. Good for the Steamcurious.

  8. I really liked it. Good fun.

  9. This is Steampunk! Recommended.

  10. Pure Steampunk . Highly recommended.

Do not rate events etc. that have not happened.